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The first fully integrated alerting system designed specifically to meet the rigors of commercial installations providing features not found on any other product. Meets and exceeds current A.D.A. requirements for Visual Alarms and Notification Devices for Hotels, Motels, Inns, Boarding Houses, Dormitories, Resorts, Homeless Shelters, Halfway Houses, Group Homes, Assisted and Independent Living Centers, Retirement Homes, and any other similar living facility or transient lodging.

Can be used to alert persons in private residences, condominiums, apartments, or any place where hearing normal audible notification signals such as the Phone, Door Bell, Alarm Clock, Smoke Alarm, Central Alarm Systems, CO Detectors, etc. is difficult.

Designed to be reliable, accurate and functional even under adverse conditions. Its built-in battery back-up system allows continuous operation for several hours in case of a power outage.

Self monitors its circuits, components and wiring notifying if a failure is detected.

Would be the primary notification system for non emergency alerts such as the door, phone and wake up, and secondary notification for life safety devices such as visual smoke alarms, visual central alarm devices and CO detectors, providing additional visual and tactile backup.

Room Valet was created from years of insight into the human need combined with the realization that the only available solutions were products which fell dependably and logistically short of fulfilling A.D.A. requirements, not to mention the performance demands of the commercial/industrial market.


  • One system handles all alerting functions: Providing the Primary Alert for wake up, telephone, and door and secondary alerting for visual smoke detectors and visual central alarm signalers.

  • Direct connection by hardwire to signal source reduces false alarms.

  • A built-in battery provides emergency back-up for all functions.

  • It augments visual life safety devices with additional visual elements, as well as adding tactile (bed shaking) stimulus. Both functions are supported by the power back-up system.

  • Its one touch activation enables or disables the system if a room’s occupant desires not to use the system.

  • The visual display panel attaches securely to the wall and unobtrusively blends with all decors.

  • The self monitoring. diagnostic system detects and notifies immediately if a malfunction should occur.

  • The systems design allows easy on-site diagnosis and repair by a facility maintenance department utilizing the recommended maintenance kit which contains not only diagnosis instructions but one each of all critical components for immediate in field replacement, minimizing down time.