Room Valet
Visual Alerting Systems for ADA Compliance

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The Room Valet Visual Alerting Systems offer barrier free design solutions of accessibility in guest rooms and suites for persons who are hard of hearing or deaf in hotels, motels, inns, boarding houses, resorts, dormitories, senior citizens residences, and apartments as required by sections 9.1 to 9.3 of the ADA The Americans with Disabilities Act. They are used where hearing audible notification signals such as the phone, doorbell, alarm clock, smoke alarm, central alarm systems, CO detectors, etc. is difficult.

The Room Valet System is the ideal solution to ADA compliance for NEW CONSTRUCTION of any multi-lodging facility.

The installation is hardwired, fully supervised, microprocessor based, with a back up power supply to insure operating reliability at all times.

It is designed for easy installation and is rugged enough to take daily abuses associated with the commercial hospitality environment, or any multi- lodging facility.

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The Room Valet Visual Alerting Systems
Meet and Exceed the Current ADA Requirements

The Ideal Solutions Because They Are:
User Friendly

  • One system handles all alerting functions: Providing the Primary Alert for wake up, telephone, and door, and secondary alerting for visual smoke detectors and visual central alarm signalers.
  • One touch activation enables or disables the system for the room occupant.
  • Easy to read display panel uses large, backlighted colored, graphic icons to identify signal source.


  • Designed to be functional, even under adverse conditions, and is fully integrated to meet the rigors of commercial installations with features not found elsewhere.


  • Direct connection by hardwire to signal source reduces false alarms.
  • Built in battery provides emergency back-up power for all functions.


  • Visual Display Panel attaches securely to the wall and blends easily with all decors.
  • Wiring is run through the wall, out of sight.

    Fully Supervised

  • Self supervision feature constantly monitors all circuits and wiring and notifies the user if a malfunction is detected.

    Easily Maintained

  • With on-site diagnosis and repair by the facility maintenance department. It utilizes the recommended maintenance kit which contains both diagnostic instructions and critical components for quick in field placement, minimizing down time.

    System Components | Room Layout | Installation Specifications

    The Room Valet System Components

    The Central Panel contains the main processor of the system, the back up power supply, and the wiring hub for all the input signals as well as the output commands to the display(s) and bed shaker(s).

    The inputs to the system are direct hardwire runs from the various signaling sources. The interconnecting wire recommended is 24 gauge, solid, 4 pair twisted, category 5 type wire.

    Wake Up
    For wake up, the system has a built-in alarm clock which can be set from any display panel connected to the same Room Valet central panel.

    Door Alert
    The door alert requires a wire be run from a single gang electrical box mounted at an appropriate height, per local code or design standard, located at the latch side of the entry door, for the area being serviced, to the Room Valet central panel.

    Telephone Alert
    The connection to the telephone system requires a wire run from a phone line servicing the area. This can be a parallel line run from any phone opening to the central panel.

    Smoke Detector (In Room)
    The system is designed to provide auxiliary alerting capabilities for approved visual smoke detectors that meet the ADA guidelines, such as the Gentex 7109 series. These detectors have a built-in, form C dry contact relay to which the Room Valet switch leg shall be connected.

    Central Alarm
    The system is designed to provide auxiliary alerting capabilities for the central alarm system. However, the central alarm system must have visual alerting devices within the area being serviced by the Room Valet system. The connection to the central alarm system shall be through the use of an isolated form C dry contact relay module, such as ESL 405 series, installed by the central alarm company.

    Display Panels ... graphic
    The display panels are connected to the Room Valet central panel using the same wire type specified for the input switch legs. The display(s) shall be located on the wall of room(s) being serviced in a position that will maximize its visibility. A display panel must be located in all living areas and bathrooms, powder rooms etc. The mounting plate is designed to attach directly to a standard electrical junction box. The placement of the junction box at each display location should allow a minimum clear area 4 left and right of center, 8 above and below center. For displays located in the main living areas, it is recommended that the junction box(es) be mounted no higher than 56.5 to its center from the floor, placing the system user control within the reach height of a person using a wheelchair.

    Bed Shaker
    The location of the bed shaker shall be next to or between the bed(s). It is recommended to utilize the phone system s opening. If the phone configuration is such that there is not a phone opening in the desired location, a separate single gang box shall be installed. The recommended height of this box, from the floor, shall be the same as all similar openings for electrical, CATV, and phone outlets, etc.

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    Installation Specifications

    Download Installation Manual (2.9MB)

    The room (unit, suite, etc.) shall have an integrated, self monitoring visual alerting system that complies with sections 9.0 to 9.5.3 and 4.28, 4.28.3 and a.4.28.4 of the AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT GUIDELINES FOR BUILDING AND FACILITIES (ADAAG), appendix to the US Department of Justice Regulations, Vol. 56, No. 144.

    The system shall be a Room Valet Visual Alerting System with a sufficient number of display panels that will allow the occupants of the room(s) to always be in visual contact with a display panel. One display panel shall be located in every room in the general living area and in each bathroom, powder room or rest room.

    The Room Valet shall be connected to the central fire alarm system via an approved isolated relay with form C contacts, such as the ESL-405 series or equivalent. This relay shall be provided and installed by the central alarm installer. The central alarm system shall also provide visual alerts maintained, controlled and powered from it. These visual alerts shall be located throughout the room in sufficient numbers and location to meet all codes and regulations.

    The Room Valet shall connect to the in-room visual smoke/fire detector(s). The detector(s) shall be a Gentex 7109 series or equivalent and shall have a built-in form C relay to which the Room Valet shall be connected. If the room configuration is such that more than one detector is required to meet all codes and regulations, then these devices shall be run in tandem for simultaneous activation. The connection to the Room Valet shall be from the closest detector location to the central panel.

    The Room Valet shall be connected to the phone service or system that specifically services the room. The interconnection shall be to the tip and ring wires. Should the phone system be of a design which is not compatible with the ring detect circuit of the Room Valet, then the supplier or installer of the telephone system shall provide either a dry contact closure or a proper interface to allow connection from phone system to the Valet s ring detect circuit.

    The Room Valet shall be connected to a door push button located at the outside of the entry door(s) servicing the room. The button shall be mounted on a single gang electrical plate which in turn shall mount to a single gang electrical box. The recommended location of the door button shall be at the latch side of the door at a height to comply with all codes.

    All interconnect wiring, to and from all signal sources, display panels and/or bed shaker locations, shall be 24 gauge, 4 pair solid twisted, category 5 type wire. The wiring, conduit and boxes shall be provided and installed by the contractor and shall be run in accordance with local code. It is recommended that all runs be pulled through a conduit system.

    Display Panels
    All display panels shall be mounted on a wall and to a junction box to which its interconnect wire has been pulled. In the general living area, that J box should not be mounted higher than 56.5" to its center, with a clear wall surface of 4" left and right and 8" below and above its center. In secondary living areas, such as the rest room, the junction box servicing that display panel shall be located so the panel will be clearly visible and the clear wall area of 4" left and right and 8 below and above center is maintained.

    Bed Shaker
    The termination of the output to the bed shaker(s) shall be a single gang electrical box located between, behind or adjacent to the beds in the room. The bed shaker output may share a phone system device opening if the configuration of the room allows. The bed shaker device output plate is available with a single bed shaker jack, double bed shaker jack, single bed shaker with RJII jack, or double bed shaker with RJII jack (specify plate configuration).

    Central Panel
    The area chosen for the central panel should be centered in the area to be serviced by the Room Valet System. It shall be in a discrete location such as a closet, under a vanity, etc. However, it shall be easily accessible for the installer and maintenance personnel.

    Flush Style Enclosure
    The flush style enclosure shall consist of two major components: one being an enclosure box and the second an access panel/door and trim assembly. The enclosure box shall be located in the wall and be securely fastened to the framing. It shall be mounted approximately 60" to center from the floor and positioned so its leading edges will be flush with the finished wall surface. The approximate dimension of this enclosure shall be 12.35" wide, 16.35" high, and 4" deep. All conduit containing switch legs and/or display wiring must be connected directly to the enclosure utilizing the knock outs provided. These runs shall hit the enclosure from the top or side. A low profile single gang handy-box, trimmed with standard duplex grounded outlet and plate shall be mounted inside the enclosure at its lower right hand corner to which a 110V AC circuit shall be run to provide power for the Room Valet system. After the wall covering has been installed, the access panel/door and trim assembly shall be attached to the enclosure box. The approximate outside finished dimension will be.13.6" wide, 17.6" high and shall be self trimming. The finish of this access panel/door shall be primer paint and be equipped with a cylinder cam lock.

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